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Artist Statement

Gorgeous trees, the sun, and human souls are my best sources of inspiration. I've worked on wildlife reserves for many years, and I'm always delighted to walk through the forest. I have a special connection with trees. This precious link continues to live in the heart of my creations. I adore wood. I like its presence, character, grain, veins, and its unique aroma when I saw through it. I choose to build my wood canvas and paint on it for its vitality and nobility.

In addition to working on wood, I take pleasure in beginning my path to creativity by sketching live models. Sketching allows me to embrace the movement. I enjoy hard pastels that give me direct contact with the wood surface. Also, I use a handcrafted wooden spatula that I carved to fit my hands perfectly. As an artist, I like to reveal wood's innermost natural beauty and celebrate life through this noble material. 

peinture Renée Rose | Icônes féminines : Viva peinture ReneeRose peinture ReneeRose Collection Jazz à Corps - Plaisir et volupté

Press Release

Métis French-Canadian artist RenéeRose’s vibrant artworks, painted on wood panels, are composed with natural grains to create figures in dynamic motion. Figures articulated in black and white play instruments, dance, create and contemplate. Both the style of her works and the subjects portrayed embody a very musical energy, whether that energy manifests as appealing and inspirational in some works, or explosive and blazing in others.  Delighted by the nature of wood and trees, RenéeRose includes lifelike leaves and branching patterns in her art, which overlap with the broad brushstrokes and the sensitively rendered outlines of figures.

The brushstrokes lend
almost calligraphic dimension and texture to wooden bases that already swirl with interest. In each image, the leaves and abstract strokes contrast with the figure, emphasizing and balancing the natural wooden space, pulling the eye across the canvas, and providing some volume for the expressive figures. The deep red, fuchsia, black and white of her materials and the wooden background in each image all add a distinctively naturalistic facet to the painting, illustrating an inner beauty.

Jazz à Corps : L'endiablée
Enlarge image

Large scale projects

The artist likes large scale formats because they require physical strength, creativity and endurance that suits her wonderfully well . The artist loves sketching. She enjoy the vitality of the gesture and the accuracy of the result. Her figurative elements contrasts deliciously on its natural wood backgrounds for the pure pleasure of the viewer.

peinture Renée Rose | Icônes féminines : Femme de lumiere peinture Renee Rose | Icônes féminines : La pause peinture Renée Rose | Icônes féminines : Femme de feu
peinture RenéeRose | Icônes féminines : Sensualité révélée peinture ReneeRose | Icônes féminines : Le moment peinture RenéeRose | Icônes féminines : Le délice

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